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Don't let a General Plan Amendment favor put houses in a golf course floodway

Vote YES on Save Santee Measure N!

An application for a General Plan Amendment (GPA) has been submitted by a foreign investor and developer for a high-density development of ~331 homes in the river floodplain. An Environmental Impact Report has not been released. However, the project is expected to add over 3,000 vehicle trips per day to Santee's already jammed city streets.

Emergency evacuations would be adversely impacted. Views for residents adjacent to the golf course would be obstructed and property values diminished. Additionally, sensitive and endangered wildlife would be adversely impacted.

The developer has been buying favor for the GPA by contributing directly to incumbent council members/candidates that are expected to vote on the project application.

Incumbent Santee Mayor Campaign Fundraiser & Election Kickoff hosted by:

John Chen, Golf Course Housing Developer at Carlton Oaks Golf Course.

Key Video Points:

2:58 John Chen, Golf Course Housing Developer introduced as the host.

3:49 Mike Aiken, Golf Course Housing Director endorses Minto.

10:24 Mayor Minto jokingly admits he asks for funds frequently for his elections from the people in attendance.

14:34 Minto states he wants to defeat the General Plan Initiative.

15:52 Minto calls developers "the good people" discounting Santee residents. 

16:18 Minto states he supports the developers because they support him.

21:42 Councilmember McNelis tells all attendees to write checks to John Minto.

22:51 Minto's Treasurer tells all attendees to "write those checks" and he will cash them.

If the General Plan Protection Initiative Measure N is defeated, Santee voters will NOT have a say on General Plan Amendments even though 4,000+ citizens signed the initiative.

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