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Save Santee from

Traffic Gridlock! 

YES on Measures N & Q

Protect Santee's

General Plan

The Santee General Plan Protection Initiative Measure N protects Santee from overdevelopment and prevents increased traffic gridlock.


It amends the Santee General Plan to require a vote of the people for development projects that would increase density or otherwise intensify land use over what is currently permitted by law.


Santee's majestic Fanita mountains are home for endangered wildlife

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Santee Term

Limits Initiative

The Santee Term Limits Initiative Measure Q requires that no person shall serve more than 12 years or three four-year terms as a member of the Santee City Council.


It was placed on the ballot by citizen petition and is sponsored by Councilmember Stephen Houlahan and


The City Council placed a competing measure on the ballot to confuse you and set up a potential 5-term, 20-year career for a council member/mayor. We urge you to support a real term limit with the citizens' measure instead.

West Hills Parkway Gridlock.jpg

Fight traffic by opposing sprawl development

Fanita would add over 25,000 vehicle trips per day to our clogged roads frustrating commuters and endangering emergency evacuees. YES on N Santee General Plan Protection Initiative gives voters an opportunity to STOP Fanita sprawl and protect our open spaces.

Protect public safety

Fanita would place new residents in a severe fire hazard zone and threaten timely evacuations for existing residents. 

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Protect the environment

Our floodplain is not a place for high-density houses. It is a place for endangered wildlife and the San Diego River Park.

Gives people a voice

The Santee General Plan Protection Initiative gives people the right to vote on amendment favors granted for high-density developments by just a 3-politician majority. Decisions that are now made by politicians and special interests who fund their campaigns. 

Fight corruption with Term Limits and General Plan Protection Initiatives

Developers have given thousands of dollars and cultivated long-term relationships with council members, some of whom themselves have held or hold positions that benefit financially from development decisions. The City can benefit from a broader base of Council members with fresh ideas and energy that are generated by competitive, non-incumbent elections.

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